Business success requires smart strategic decisions and all too often, fast and flexible personnel and collective bargaining decisions. Our experts are familiar with relevant aspects. We advise Indian and international businesses, banks and public sector on matters related to collective and individual labour law.  

Operational changes, reorganisations, stream lining and transactions are all parts of our core expertise.

We also handle negotiation of company agreements ad layoff programmes as well as provide legal advice on matters related to codetermination and collective bargaining law. In legal disputes, we represent our client’s interest at all judicial levels before labour courts/tribunals and quasi-judicial authorities.

Our activities in the area of individual labour law focus on the design of employment contracts, work schedules and compensation plans as well as legal advice regarding company pension plans and employment termination agreements.

Agency Workers Employment contracts and policies
Business immigration Employment litigation
Business transfers
Executive appointment and severance
Discrimination and equal pay Pensions
Employee benefits Redundancy and organizational change
Trade unions and collective labour law  

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